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Springboard Website

Overhauling the website to fit the Studio’s mission and values


Situated within the Mass General Brigham health system, Springboard Studio needed a website that could teach curious healthcare workers about our design-thinking work while reflecting our mission and values.

Our goals for the site were to ensure that: the site feel welcoming and creative (a departure from traditional “healthcare” branding); visitors could easily navigate the website to understand the Springboard team’s values, goals, and projects; and the website could lay a foundation for the Studio’s visual identity that could expand beyond the site to additional digital and print materials.


With an existing brand identity already in place, I worked in collaboration with our Design Intern to redesign Springboard Studio’s website. The transformation ranged from structural changes to the website navigation and site map, to visual changes to the site’s look and feel. We implemented these changes in Wordpress.


Visit mgbspringboardstudio.org to experience the final product (and ongoing revisions).

Samples from existing website before redesign:

MGB Springboard Studio, Mass General Brigham Health System  

art direction, design, production (in Wordpress)

In collaboration with Design Intern

Boston, MA 

Spring 2022–Winter 2023


For more info:

︎MGB Springboard Studio Website