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Designing an app and website for people with food allergies

SafeEats is an app and website proposal for helping restaurants support their customers with allergies.


I interviewed and surveyed restaurant customers with allergies. Customers wanted greater transparency from restaurants about what ingredients were being used in their kitchens. 


After initial user and market research, I produced wireframes, user journeys, workflow diagrams, and personas to address the question at hand: How might restaurants better support and communicate information to their customers with food allergies?

The research process for this work emphasized the voice of customers with allergens, rather than restaurant employees. The work was produced early in the Covid-19 Pandemic when the restaurant industry was facing significant challenges (layoffs, exposure of Covid-19 to service workers, and more) and so I consciously did not pursue research with this group of stakeholders.


I created early-stage wireframes for a customer-facing app and restaurant-facing website. The app allows customers to easily access allergen information and sort restaurant options by level of allergen risk and other preferences. The website allows restaurants to update allergen information for menu items. Using integration with Grubhub, this information would draw from existing menus, reducing the burden on restaurant owners.

“Point Click Drag” Intro to UX courseRhode Island School of Design

Contributions: independent student project involving design and market research, ideation, wireframing and prototyping (Adobe XD), visual design
Providence, RI

Spring 2020


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