Reimagine Bathing 

A bathroom proposal that evolves with age

What if we approach bathing in a way that evolves with us as we age? This bathroom system allows its users to isolate parts of the body to create a safe and relaxing partial bathing system. Bathing becomes more difficult and less safe as we get older. So partial bathing is common in nursing homes and hospitals as a way to wash bedridden and less mobile patients through isolating parts of the body for washing. While safer, these systems can feel clinical and temporary.

With this design, I propose a residential partial bathing system which would not only make bathing easier for aging populations, but also would create a more relaxing environment for washing. This design proposal was based on insights from class visits by medical professionals, interviews with family members, research into nursing home washing best practices, and ADA regulations. The design incorporates integrated hand rails and grab areas, a hand-held shower head for washing while seated or standing, and unobstructed under-sink space for wheelchair accessibility. Ideally, physical prototyping and user testing would be the next step in this project.  

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